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Have you suffered damage to your mouth which has left you with missing or chipped teeth? Gregory D. Cohn D.M.D has helped many patients with restorative dentistry designs. Dr. Cohn creates a dental plan for a dental surgeon to follow so your implants are aligned with the rest of your teeth and you maintain a gorgeous smile.

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Implants are synthetic roots that are versatile enough to replace just a single tooth to an entire smile.


Fixed to the bone, implants are a permanent option to tooth replacement.

Tooth Replacement and Repair

- Restorative dentistry design

- Direct dental surgeon on where to place  


- Best way to replace a tooth - very successful

- Less trauma involved to natural dentition

- Natural feel

- All ceramic crowns are available

- Implant supported restorations (Caps and


Our Implant Dentistry

Services Include:

Replacing missing or hopeless teeth, with dental implants and implant supported prosthesis, is the treatment of choice whenever possible. Teeth replaced by the implant process feel, look, and function more like the natural teeth lost, than removable false teeth (dentures or partial dentures). Single missing or lost teeth can be replaced by implant supported prosthesis (crowns,caps), instead of grinding down your teeth to make bridgework.

Safe and Successful for Long-term Replacement

Safely restore your smile with implants

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